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4x4 off-road expedition Tours

In Indonesian Borneo, also known as Kalimantan, with it's rugged terrain, mostly covered with dense tropical rainforest. The coastal line is mostly wetland and swamp forest, the more deeper we get, hills and  mountainous regions make it an irresistible destination for off-road adventures people. Where the asphalt stops, and muddy terrain us await, to get over our limits with the team work of maschineries and humans to fight the challenges to keep moving forward.

The expeditions need to be organized on a personal or group basis and will be accompanied and planned by local expert drivers and guides.
  • Private tailor made off-road Safaris and expeditions
  • 14 Days Departures 2 times a month whole year round (minimum 4 and maximum of 12 persons)
  • Short off-road trips starting from 3 - 9 days ( on request only )
4x4 Challenges 

Those who have taken part in these expeditions leave with unforgettable memories of the adventure in a lifetime. Rough terrain and obstacles in the way requiring endurance, resilience and patience, team work co-operation between the teammates and locals and fellow participants. These challenges bring the spirit of adventure in a teamwork, throughout the off-road Borneo jungle journey.

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