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4x4 Tips to Bring
  • Wear light but absorbent natural fiber clothing
  • Nights in the rainforests may get cooler than expected so bring along a water-proof jacket to keep you warm as well as protected from the rain.
  • Sturdy shoes are a must especially in competition events. Bring a pair of thongs or sneakers to let your feet breathe and relax when you make camp.
  • A pair of heavy duty gloves are also advisable.
  • Bring a sleeping bag,
  • Always check vehicles before starting out on a drive. Pay special attention to tires which can develop punctures from the rough terrain.
  • Carry a first aid kid with elastic bandages, surgical dressing, antiseptic, burn cream, eye drops, scissors and tweezers

 The casual 4X4 driver as well as the contestant should bear in mind that offroad expeditions happen in a sensitive natural environment. Insurance is needed to cover any  injuries caused due of the expeditions we can't be held responsible for.
Always remember to take your garbage with you. No burying of trash is allowed.

 Carry out bodily functions at least 100 meters away from campsites and well away from water. Keep to marked trails.

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